Paperback now available

For $14.99 at Amazon. Just click here.

Createspace (the company that does the printing) tells me they would be available on Amazon in 5 days, but it looks like Amazon is taking orders now.

A little bit of a delay on this one, as the first proof I had had book 3 on the cover–which is the ebook version. Since Mountain Man books 1 and 2 are bunched into one volume in paperback form, the cover of Hellifax should have read book 2. Which it now does (thank you Athanasios over at mad .


Writing Update:

I’ve started the next book in the 131 Days series, and still tinkering with He-Dog 2 (which is taking a little longer than expected).  Still sick of zombies here—just the thought of starting another book gives me the shakes—so obviously it’s not time. When will it be time? I don’t know. There’s obviously a demand for it, but I have to have the desire to write that story.


Right now, I don’t have that desire.


And to write a book like MM without that drive would probably be a bad idea. (See George RR Martin for a good example. Or Stephen King with the Dark Tower books.)


So think of the story presented in those three (two, if you’re reading the paperbacks) as complete.


It’s probably better that way.





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  1. jenny clemons

    Loved your Mounntain man series Mr.Blackmore and I’ve been on a zombie reading tear with my new Kindle and I have to say your Mountain Man series was great. I am kind of tired of zombies myself, but I’m really looking forward to reading some of your other stuff as well. I am a big fan now. Keep on writing.

  2. SJ Parkinson

    Taking a zombie break and looking for inspiration? You might want to explore a post-apocalyptic world where mankind is being eradicated by cute fluffy kittens. I just checked the horror genre listings on Amazon and there is absolutely nothing in that area currently. You could be on the cutting edge. Do hurry though. I hear Max Brooks is thinking of penning World War K.

    The paperback news is good stuff as well. Congrats!

    Have to go. Good luck writing about the feline menace and oppressive rule of World Emperor Mr. Cuddles and his godless hoards of mewling warriors wielding little balls of tinfoil.

    1. Keith


      The scary thing is your idea isn’t half bad.

      Half-cooked, yes… but not bad.

      Emperor Mr. Cuddles eh? Mewling Warriors. I’d have to make them Head hunters (of gerbils–ewwwww). Who are easily amused by lengths of yarn and are really only interested in stealing the world’s supply of squeaky toys (especially the ones with the secret stash of “nip” (said while puckering the ‘p’)).

      I can see the battle formations now (and the gerbil trophies).

  3. MikeB

    Hi Keith,

    Just finished Mountain Man 1 & 2 over the last few days. I appreciated the writing style, pace, and pricing. I’m afraid I’ve become a bit of a MM evangelist though, as I kept getting flashbacks of university (the JackD and shitty relationships, not the Zombies per se).
    I look forward to MM3 and then trying one of your fantasy novels.

    Anywho, I appreciate the fact that you’re able to be successful whilst not adding to the coffers of the traditional publishers. Thank You.
    To paraphrase Venkman: “print is dead”, and let me add “long live the democratization of indie book publishing”

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