Mountain Man Book 6 “MINDLESS” is ON SALE NOW!


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And I’m hoping the paperback will be available by the end of the week, if not earlier. Amazon informs me it takes up to 72 hours to get that live–that one’s on me–sorry. Been a while since I last released a book.

Listen and read when you can, and if you enjoy the story (or not) let me know in the reviews.

Thank you everyone–stay safe…




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  1. Steve

    Fricken Awesome as usual! SPOILER***************************************************
    You know your doing good when you tick the reader off and then make the reader get emotional all in the same few chapters LOL. Im sick to my stomach knowing that Gus and Jack are headed west and it will probably be a year or more before I find out what you do with them. Id been happy with Uncle Jim (Beam) lol. OH and no I wouldnt have gotten out of the car, hell no, cut the kid , didnt like that part, made me mad they got out, LOL, as much as they hold vaule to the kids I dont think she would have, then again CRAZY MFs! The part where Collie save them by using the car to blow the hell out of the leather chasing Gus and Milo, it was so JJ Abrams, That whole scene would be a sound 45 minutes of blowing sT up, was awesome writing. The only thing I didnt really like was I thought and its just MHO, it took to long to give Milo a gun.That felt a lil drawn out, but everything else was great down to Gus face planting the dead guys crotch, LMAO Sorry Im all over the place, want to talk about the book and I dont know anyone or where to go to talk about the book, The whole series has been great, keep it going, You’re story is awesome! MM7 cant wait

  2. Charles

    Just finished listening to MM6. F!@#MeGently I couldn’t stop listening. RC brought it as usual!!! Excellent addition to the series. MORE MORE MORE!!!

  3. Dave

    Hi! Just finished listening to MM6 and I loved it. I’m really glad I waited to listen and I’ve basically been able to binge the whole thing. You really got me with the end of this one, it was sad and hopeful and really came together nicely. I’m really hoping we get more of Gus and catch up with Scott as well. Thanks for the many great hours of listening!

  4. Brent

    Halfway through and very happy gus is back and he is pissed.

  5. Flynn

    Just finished Mindless. Excellent, doing the whole thing justice. You’re an inspiration to budding authors, Keith. Keep up the great work!

  6. Adam

    Finished with MM6 and I LOVED it. I always ask myself how far can a zombie apocalypse book series go before the readers get tired of a new baddie that has a road gang, etc. You keep it fresh though, so thank you. My one thing I would change is to let Gus become a little more of a hardass. Like not breaking so easily under threat of torture, or calling people’s bluffs (the leather threatening the little girl). I know if I were in his position, I wouldn’t give a f*** anymore at that point. Love your books Keith, keep it up!

  7. Ashley M.

    I’m so happy I stumbled onto this series! My boyfriend and I listened to the series on our way to work and we loved every bit! Book 6 made me tear up at the end, RC Bray is the man! I almost can’t listen to anything but from him! Is there going to be a book 7???

    1. Keith

      …maybe…. If the idea is there. Folks seem to want another so at least there’s that. 🙂

  8. Jeff

    Loved the series. Really hoping for a 7th book. Great reads.

  9. Sophia

    Just finished book 6 and it was amazing. I’m so upset over the loss of Collie because i’m attached to these characters. So I really hope you decide to do a 7th book because I never want this series to end!! Thank you for making my favorite book series ever.

    1. Keith

      If I get an idea, there’ll be a seventh book, but until then…. :). Glad you liked the books, Sophia.

  10. David

    So just curious, it seems that Nolan ended up not dying in Hellifax, and was present in Well Fed. How did he not turn? Would this maybe be explained in another book?

    1. Keith

      Ah no, those were two different characters. I, uh, (clears throat) sometimes make the mistake of using a name twice.

  11. Socks

    Without a doubt Mountain Man is the best Zom-Poc series I’ve come across. I only found it this a couple of months ago and used all my credits to get the whole lot and have pretty much put life aside to listen to them all back to back. Your sublime writing and characterisation combined with the incredible RC Bray have made this a beloved part of my life. I hope beyond hope there will be another, I feel deeply invested in Gus and his journey, and that of his friends and companions. Collie was just as brilliant a character and both MM5 & 6 both made me cry, something I rarely do with fiction. Thank you KCB for creating such an outstanding series with total immersion value. I pray to the Gods that an idea for 7 comes to you, for there is now a massive MM sized hole in my life.

    Outstanding. Beginning to end.

    1. Keith

      Glad you liked it :). There will be a new prequel in the fall or early winter. No big revelations in that one but a little more detail on how Gus becomes the Gus we see in later books.

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