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After a long day of prepping a house for painting, all Gus Berry wanted was the night off, to spend some time with his girlfriend, and relax before having to return to work the next morning.

But that isn’t going to happen.

Because Gus’s co-worker Benny has found a one-night job at the local Mollymart East, a job that has to be done by morning. If Gus and his paint crew can complete the work by then, it could mean huge business with a respected, established grocery store chain.

But as Gus and his fellow painters soon discover, the much-anticipated zombie apocalypse doesn’t start with a bang. It starts on a Monday.

And barricading themselves inside a megastore isn’t the end.

It’s just the beginning.


A prequel novel to the “Mountain Man” survival horror zombie series. Contains violence and coarse language. Contains  77,000 words or approx. 270 pages.

Series order:

Mountain Man: Prequel

“The Hospital” (free short story)

Mountain Man



Well Fed






A Little More Information on the upcoming “Mountain Man: Prequel.”


––It’s a full length novel of about 77,000 words.


––It will be released before Christmas.


––The story takes place two years before MM, and Gus will not be quite the Gus you know…


––It will be released before Halloween.


––Scott will not be in the book, nor do I have any plans to do a Scott prequel story.


––It’s a zombie break-out book, so it takes place well before events in “The Hospital.” This is “the day the zombie apocalypse began” backstory of MM. I’m not sure it’ll be what some of you are hoping for considering MM canon … but I do hope that you like what you read. I can say this––for a guy who pretty much dry hitched at the thought of doing another zombie story, this book came out pretty easy. It was a lot of fun to write.


––Podium Publishing will once again produce the audiobook and I’ll have more news in the next few weeks once they have production scheduled. And in case you didn’t know, The Hospital is still a free short story  on Audible.  The Mountain Man Omnibus is not free… but it’s a pretty good bargain.


–Does this mean I’ll write more zombie books? Maybe. When, however, is a good question, and not one I can answer right now.  I’m focusing on continuing and completing the 131 Days series. If I do write another zombie story, however, it probably won’t be with Gus or Scott, but with new characters trying to survive in the MM world.



More news soon…




131 Days Update and Other News…


131 Days (book 4): About the Blood goes to the editor on October 6th as of now. He’s busy with other projects, resulting in the late date. I’ll be working on book 5 in the meantime.

And that other news…



More details soon…







I’ll be Removing “131 Days” from KU Around the End of August.



You might ask why? You just put them in the program.


Here’s why, and I’ll let David explain it, cause he does it better:

Scammers Break The Kindle Store


Get all that?


I’m removing my three book offering from KU (that’s ‘Kindle Unlimited’, Amazon’s subscription service) not only because of practices outlined in David’s article, but because KU is vulnerable to being manipulated in such a manner, and that the KU banner/program has been (or will be) tarnished because of it. I think that honest, hard-working writers are not getting their rightful cut of a predetermined cash pot, that their earnings are being diminished by people successfully manipulating the program for quick returns.


Unless Amazon acts to crack down on such tactics by scammers, the once perceived advantage of KU’s promotional boost doesn’t seem worth it.


Until then, I don’t want any of my books associated with such a program.


Note–I’m just taking those three books out of the subscription service known as Kindle Unlimited. Not Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Platform, which allows me to sell my work to you. You can still buy and read my books from Amazon, you just won’t be able to get them through the subscription service. No worries there.

If you’re not sure what Kindle Unlimited is, you probably aren’t a member.




Review for “Alien: Covenant” the novelization by Alan Dean Foster

I have a confession to make…


I’m an Alien freak.

Can’t tell you how many times I watched Ridley’s Scott’s first “Alien” movie and the chest-bursting James Cameron sequel “Aliens,”  (the extended version rocks, by the way) but it was enough that, for a decade, I could recite whole sections of dialogue from those movies.

Now, when I was a kid, I lived in outback Newfoundland. There was no movie theatre in my town and it was a half-hour drive to even get to the nearest theatre, which was the Garrick theatre in Bonavista. The Garrick is a heritage site these days, and enjoys a much needed face-lift. It’s still nothing compared to the bigger, more luxurious theatres of the city, but the Garrick’s does have a spanking new Surround Sound  system, passable seats, and, something that the cineplexes do not have–that sense of nostalgia that you just can’t replicate. The Garrick holds a special place in my heart because it’s the place saw my first movie “Star Wars.” My aunt (who I consider my big sister) took me and, somewhere around Luke’s Leia’s, and Han’s escape from the Death Star, she decided to fall asleep (which, to this day, was something I couldn’t understand at the time–I mean, how the hell could anyone fall asleep on the rock hard awesomeness of STAR WARS!!!!)

I also saw FLASH GORDON on the big screen there. Yeah, you read that right. Fuckin’ Sam Jones Flash Gordon.  My dad brought me over to the theatre, dropped me off (he had no interest in such fare) and I went in and watched the movie. He was waiting when I came out after the flick, and the guy had to endure a kid hopped up on Queen’s FLASH! AhhhhAHHHHH!! He’ll save every one of us! for the next thirty minutes of the ride home.

Which, in retrospect, had to annoy the hell out of him, but also might’ve made him somewhat happy…He took me to something I wanted to see, and I damn well enjoyed myself. I still watch Flash Gordon, which is SF space fantasy at its finest. I mean…seriously, “Stop all engines. Repel boarders.”

If that don’t crank your gearstick, you’re not my kind of people.

Saw a few others at the Garrick: Conan The Barbarian, Raiders of the Lost Ark, even Star Crash (another guilty pleasure, but my gawd…. Caroline Munro at her finest). Even saw The Empire Strikes Back with my mom, who, unlike her sister, didn’t fall asleep.

Now, I saw a few movies at the Garrick, but I didn’t see all the ones I wanted to see. My dad was busy and he was the only driver in the house, so I had to be selective in what I wanted to see, and then nag someone to drive me to see the flick. There was also that thing about me being a kid, and R-rated flicks, so it took a while before I got to see those.

Not too long, however, as I remember this exchange before going in to see “Conan the Barbarian.”

Bearded Guy at wicket: “You old enough to see this show?”

Me(I think I was like, thirteen or fourteen.) : “Yeah.”

Bearded Guy at wicket: “There’s a lot of blood in it, y’know.” ((the nudity was fine, apparently))

Me (feet shuffling):“I’m okay.”

Bearded Guy at wicket, with only a second’s hesitation: “All right––go on in.”


To this day, I credit my like of orchestra music and the classics to Basil Poledouris and Bugs Bunny Cartoons.


Anyway, thing was, I couldn’t always get to the theatre, so I read a lot of novelizations.


Every week I’d head on down to the local drugstore, where there was a comic book display filled to capacity. And every week, I’d get an allowance (a buck or two—you got more back then), ride a bike some five kilometers to the drugstore, and picked up my favourites. As I got older, I got into pocket novels that caught my attention. Got my first Stephen King book at that pharmacy, the “Night Shift” collection, which I still have—the cover with the bandaged hand and the eyes peeking out of the palm. But I also found there were lots of novelizations of movies I couldn’t get to see. R-rated flicks like “Alien,” “Aliens,” “The Thing” or even PG flicks like “Clash of the Titans.”

See the pattern?

The movie books were the next best thing… and in some cases, *the* best thing. (Sorry Joe Rogan, we’ll agree to disagree).

And those titles I mentioned? All done by Alan Dean Foster.

Just so happens, while I was looking for something to read on Amazon, I saw that Mr. Foster wrote the novelization for Alien: Covenant.

That… took me back. So of course I bought it.

Which brings me back to me being an Alien freak. Of all movie/book villains from another world, the xenomorph from Alien is hands down the most unsettling, most ferocious, and certainly most deadly. There’s no give in the thing. Certainly no fear. And it possesses a disturbing intelligence for a bug.

Mr. Foster knows how to write Aliens. More to the point, I don’t think there’s anyone I’d want to see handle another Alien novelization.

“Alien: Covenant” rocks. But then, I’m a fan of Alan Dean Foster, so I might be bias. With sure hand, Mr. Foster once again breathes a corrupted and horrific life into the Aliens, and makes it the last creature anyone would want to encounter this side of the universe. I haven’t seen the movie yet…. And frankly I’m not sure I will (I kid about that part, sure I will). Mr. Foster masterfully describes scenes that, frankly, were disturbing. Shocking. The story was captivating, exciting, a real page clicker–think the right button on my kindle died I was clicking that fast.


I haven’t seen the movie yet for comparison, but this is one of those cases where the book just might be better than the movie…

So, if you’re like me, and have a problem getting to a theatre, or don’t have pay-per-view, or simply grew up reading Alan Dean Foster’s movie tie-ins, and the book is the only thing you can get your mitts on, then don’t worry…

“Alien: Covenant” is a five star adaptation.

Hope to read him again soon.

Some Bad News …



Did you purchase “131 Days” from Barnes and Noble, iBooks, or Kobo? Or are you considering purchasing the books from one of those vendors?


Sorry, you won’t be able to do so for much longer.


At the end of this month, I’m removing the series from those vendors and placing them exclusively with Amazon. For the next quarter, at least. Possibly longer, if Kindle Unlimited works for me the way it has for some other writers in the Fantasy genre.


Sales of the books across those 3 other platforms have been, well, underwhelming. Let’s say that. Yes. Underwhelming. So much so that it’s potentially worth delisting the books and experimenting with at least 3 months of going exclusive with Amazon.


Just the books belonging to “131 Days” series. Not the other fantasy books, and nothing from the horror works.


If sales go crazy on Amazon… the “131 Days” series will stay there. If nothing happens, expect to see the books return to Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. If you are reading the books I’ll mention that you can download the free kindle app and continue reading on any other portable device you might have.


Otherwise, sorry again.


I plan to pull the books by the last of May. After that, you’ll only be able to purchase them from Amazon.


Now… some good news…


Not on sale yet… but I’m slowly getting there.


Finishing up the first edits of the next installment. Writing new chapters and tweaking existing ones. Sorry it’s taking so long, but I’m still working on the book, and it’s getting closer to market.


Can’t say exactly when, but check here again in a month or two, and hopefully I’ll have some news then.






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