The Long Month of August…

I tell ya.

I was chatting with a friend online there the other day and he asked me, “So how are sales going there? Haven’t seen anything on the site in a while.”

I answered, “I stopped putting my numbers up because I read somewhere Amazon doesn’t want them up.”

“So how’s August going?”

To which  I said, “August sucks.”

And it does. I’d read for Indie writers, July and August are the two months where essentially, sales go plunk.  July wasn’t so bad, however, August will probably ring out with  at a mere 25% of July… if I’m lucky, and July was my second best month to date. August had been really punishing, couple with what seemed to be  one two three sucky reviews for “The Bear That Fell From the Stars.” Those hurt, and I can’t help but think they contributed to a sinking sales there (it isn’t nice at all to be told your child is a stinky kid).

So just a word of caution for what you might hear otherwise… August burns. Keep that in mind if you are going in business for yourself–like I have. While many writers have had dismal sales this month, some others are doing well, enough to buck the curve. But I thought I’d let you know anyway, just in case you get to July and August sometime and the worst happens.

Why is it happening? The reasons I’ve read is that it’s summer vacation, the kids are outta school, folks are at the beach (I read at the beach myself, so go figure), people are outdoor and generally reading less. So there.

I try to stay positive throughout. I’m writing, and focusing on getting at least one, possibly two new books, ready for the Christmas rush. And… people are writing me telling me that my new child (131 Days) doesn’t suck, so I draw strength from that and continue on. I look at my calendar, and I see that March 2012 is much closer now, and those last few months are going to be very very important to this guy’s future.

Onward to September.





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