April’s Numbers…

The Troll Hunter–– Ten

No Experience Necessary— Thirteen

The Missing Boatman—Seven

Flight of the Cookie Dough Mansion–– Zero  (pah!)

The Bear That Fell From The Stars–– 185 (too long to write it out)


So the bread-maker for this month is the story about the ninja being taken by aliens. I’ve watched it climb Amazon’s charts, (Science Fiction-Adventure) from 181 (when I started monitoring it) to presently 116. I’ve wondered how many sales it would take to crack the top hundred, and I can say it’ll take more than selling 17 a day, which was the number it took to make the jump from 123 to 118. Regardless, I’m tickled that the book is on the charts, and that probably is making more sales possible. I’m not sure if the numbers are spilling over onto the other titles since this one is SF, but I think there might be a few readers.

What did I do differently to make Bear a success? (Well, compared to the others anyway…) I think I controlled my head-hopping in my story telling (not that I liked doing it–I still think it too damn restrictive) . Other than that, very little. Some fellow writers let me on their blogs, but after that, I tweeted. Maybe two of three times a week. So, I’m concluding that Bear was picked up by previous readers, new SF readers, and then word of mouth from the two groups, combined with any interest generated with the blog appearances–they are in my blog roll on the right, so check them all out. They helped me.

And it’s the fifth release from me… in a different genre, granted, but still the fifth book (I’m not counting the kiddie’s book), and I’ve read that things pick up for writers at that time. It’s also the seventh month, which is also the time things have been noted to pick up. Compared to last month, my total sales have tripled and then some.

The next release will be an attempt at horror and dark fiction called Cauldron Gristle. It’s a novella, about 40,000 words, and has three original stories (including an SF one) as well as the free tale on my site here, called Ye Olde Fishing Hole. And  that will go on sale in mid-June I figgers. Close to the same time, the next fantasy tale will be 131 Days, and you’ve heard me talk about that enough. That’ll be number seven. Both are novellas, and it’ll be interesting to see what sales are then.

After that, I’m going to alter my publishing schedule a little. I’m going to put He-Dog and Balless on hold while I go and do a second draft of Not A Bard’s Song which is a full novel, as well as its sequel Not Another Bard’s Song. Both are in the fantasy world I’m building, and both take place in the city of Sunja. In particular, the city’s dungeons, where an imprisoned thief/adventurer is about to be executed, unless he can save his neck from the chopping block by telling a tale of heroic adventure. That one–well both–are maybe as close to high fantasy as I’ll get ( which really isn’t that close at all). And that’s all I’ll say about it now. Both should be available after copy editors are secured and hired, and adjustments are made. I’m hoping for late summer.

So, anyway, if you are starting out. What’s been said before seems to be holding true: write a story and do what needs to be done to make it marketable, get it out there, and be patient. Write more stories (and thereby honing your craft) while the other book is out there. Promote if you must, but the best promotion could very well be simply getting that next book out there.I don’t think I’m successful yet (still not making enough to live on, and August is coming)—but I am having success.

And for that, I’m happy.


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  1. Cherie Reich

    Great numbers, especially for the Bear one. 🙂

    By the way, your interview is up on my blog today. I hope you get some more sales coming your way.

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