Some Bad News …



Did you purchase “131 Days” from Barnes and Noble, iBooks, or Kobo? Or are you considering purchasing the books from one of those vendors?


Sorry, you won’t be able to do so for much longer.


At the end of this month, I’m removing the series from those vendors and placing them exclusively with Amazon. For the next quarter, at least. Possibly longer, if Kindle Unlimited works for me the way it has for some other writers in the Fantasy genre.


Sales of the books across those 3 other platforms have been, well, underwhelming. Let’s say that. Yes. Underwhelming. So much so that it’s potentially worth delisting the books and experimenting with at least 3 months of going exclusive with Amazon.


Just the books belonging to “131 Days” series. Not the other fantasy books, and nothing from the horror works.


If sales go crazy on Amazon… the “131 Days” series will stay there. If nothing happens, expect to see the books return to Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. If you are reading the books I’ll mention that you can download the free kindle app and continue reading on any other portable device you might have.


Otherwise, sorry again.


I plan to pull the books by the last of May. After that, you’ll only be able to purchase them from Amazon.


Now… some good news…


Not on sale yet… but I’m slowly getting there.


Finishing up the first edits of the next installment. Writing new chapters and tweaking existing ones. Sorry it’s taking so long, but I’m still working on the book, and it’s getting closer to market.


Can’t say exactly when, but check here again in a month or two, and hopefully I’ll have some news then.



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  1. Scott

    Great to see a new 131 book out…love em!

  2. SH

    Bought all three books, didn’t regret it. Can’t wait to see where you’re going with this. What is Goll hiding? What will Pig Knot do? Does Muluk hide some inner depth, as uncovered by the tavern brawl to save the House of Ten’s gold? And the Perician, what’s his story?

    I’ll buy the next books, don’t worry. Good job.

  3. Preston

    Thanks for the update Keith and FWIW, I tend to only buy books from Amazon.

    Very happy to see another 131 Days book getting ready to be released. I’ve read the whole series including Troll Hunter, loved them all! (I hope it will be released in book form and not just an ebook).

    On a side note, I see some of your books are only available for the kindle. I have nothing against the folks who prefer the electronic form (I do not own a kindle), although I do have the kindle app on my pc for books that are kindle only. But I do very much prefer to have the physical book – at 53 maybe I’m a little old school. ūüôā

    Either way Keith you are a fantastic writer, I have read many of your books and loved them all – please keep the up the great work!!

    1. Keith

      I was the same way, but I figured if folks were reading my stuff on kindles, tablets, or phones, then it probably was a good idea to try it out.

      Now… I check for ebooks first before the paperbacks.

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the reads.

  4. Eric H

    Preston & Keith,

    Preston you nailed it before I arrived while browsing for lunch.

    Because that’s what books are. Food for the mind and Keith is one of the more talented chefs out there right now.

    I am an aging Gen X’er and have read thousands of books across all platforms now and prefer the real thing in my hands to an image of a book. That said I use Amazon now out of of convenience for the vast majority of my reading. At a consumption rate of 1-3 books a day you can understand why I use Amazon Prime and Unlimited.
    Given I read 1 out of 5 books I sample (I don’t need to tell either of you about the quality of the published book today), Amazon makes it too convienent for the hardcore book worm Keith.
    You know the market forces forces now.

    Loved “A Bear Fell From The Sky”, the twisted humor in “The Missing Boatman”, and “The Troll Hunter” for making me feel I was was there. I don’t normally re-read books, but you managed to get the same treatment as Hesse, Tolsyoy and a few others.
    Thanks for the books Keith, I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve written so far and hope you are having the kind of success you should (try reading Le Childish).

    Preston, thanks for getting my attention.
    Don’t forget the way the old library smelt with it’s treasure hoard of wood pulp and ink.

    1. Keith

      Eric & Preston–Thanks guys–very much appreciated. And thanks for taking the chance on the books.

  5. Eric H

    Don’t get discouraged man. You are a writer and a story teller of rare talent.

    Something most successful authors can’t claim.

  6. Dave Merrill

    Can’t wait! I just re-read all of the 131 Days books to be ready for the new release. I believe I have purchased & read all of your books Keith, starting with Mountain Man. Totally hooked from the first book, but 131 Days is above and beyond my favorite series. Love the characters, the setting, the intrigue behind the bloodletting in the pit. Brilliant, and keep up the AWESOME work!

    I must add, the Breeds series and especially the 3rd book were outstanding as well.

    1. Keith

      Thanks Dave (I remember you from FB) only hope book 4 works for you and everyone else who’s been waiting for it. It really got away from me. Update–just identified a “knot” on page 413 of 642. Hopefully I’ll smooth it out without much trouble and send start the next round of editing soon…

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