Now on Sale: 131 Days


Once every year, in the city of Sunja, gladiators meet within the arena known as Sunja`s Pit.
Men such as Baylus, Goll, and Halm enter for the lure of fortune. Others enter for the fame. And some simply for the fight.
The games continue for days, until a champion is finally crowned. Or all who are involved perish.

This is blood sport at its finest.

At its worst.

At its longest.

131 Days.


Now available on Amazon and on Smashwords.

Please note, this is a novella of roughly 39K words, or 130 pages. It contains graphic violence and language. The first book of a series (if there’s interest enough in the first one, that is…)




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  1. Ran

    Found your stuff on Amazon yesterday..

    Loved the Boatman and went looking for more…
    Just finished 131 Days..
    All I got to say is.. Hell ya!..
    I’ll be waiting…

    On to the Troll hunter now.. ūüôā

  2. Keith

    Hey that’s great! Glad you liked them. Troll Hunter is the first so hope you like that one too. Have a good one!

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