Mountain Man optioned for film by Matt Deller…


“Mountain Man” becomes officially optioned by screenwriter/filmmaker Matt Deller (“Manhattan Undying”).


Matt read MM a while back and dropped me a line (without telling me he was a scriptwriter at the time) and we started chatting about books, PC games (Matt also scripted a popular RPG game) and movies. He eventually asked if the movie rights to the book were available, to which I replied “Oh hell, yeah,” and after a few more months and a couple of lawyers, the deal’s done. I liked Matt’s vision for the book as a flick and had no troubles signing off on the project.


What happens next? He’s going to get started on the script this month, finish it, and then market it to interested parties. We hope to ride the momentum from this summer’s cinematic event of “World War Z” as well as his own upcoming “Manhattan Undying.”  MM is not a movie yet, but it’s moving in a positive direction, and I’m just happy Matt’s taken a shine to the material.


So, that’s it.  Also I’m going to let the ebook version of “Mountain Man” to run FREE on Amazon for five whole days to celebrate the option agreement, starting on June 19th (midnight Standard Pacific Time) to the 23rd.



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  1. John


  2. Matt

    Thats awesome news. You have written a great story that now may get a chance to reach even more potential fans of your work. Great job Keith. Wont be long and you will be able to just sit back and write all day without a care in the world.

  3. Tracy

    Now I know how I lucked out and got this book for free that day! It was on my Wish to Read list and I noticed it was free. Congratulations on the Option Deal!

  4. jack davis

    fantastic – i mean realy fantastic – i’m over the moon for you about this.

  5. Keith

    Thanks guys–it is only an option, but yeah, I’m happy all the same.

  6. Newf

    That is awesome.

    speaking of MM.
    you should write GOING TO HELL, HALIFAX
    how the military made their last stand.

  7. Vivian Floyd

    It’s funny, while I was reading the MM series I kept thinking “This would make a great movie”. I have been promoting this series on my Facebook page and lots of my friends are excited about a possible movie. Would love to have this set of books on my shelf at home, instead of just the e-book version.

  8. Donna Collins

    Please please please write more books, your zombie books are the best zombie books ever written, they have the perfect mix of gore, scavenging, action and lots of other stuff, the only thing they are not is plentiful enough. Keith we need you, please give us a new book!!!!

  9. Jonathan

    More zombie books 🙂

  10. Will Jones

    Keith, I bought this book after I downloaded “The Hospital” simply because it was free. I absolutely loved it! It even lead to me to forget my vow to never download an E-book just so I can read “Safari.” I can only hope this does become a movie.

  11. Shanea Johnson

    The books are great make a movie!!!

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