Mountain Man *movie project* now has a director attached…



Some movie movement to let you know about.

Matt Deller (forthcoming “Manhattan Undying”) has produced a script adaptation of “Mountain Man” and UK Director Tobias Tobbell (“Confine”) is officially attached to the project.

The script is being further developed for casting and finance.

So it’s slowly moving forward. Still a long way to go and it could all come to a halt anytime (I’ve been warned ) but… the guys seem positive about the future.


And now… back to work.





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  1. SJ Parkinson

    I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Blackmore.

    Big Time Gratz!

  2. Keith

    I’ve seen you close-up….

    Thanks buddy. 🙂

  3. David

    Oh Keith, you got all my Mountain Man book dollars, now you’re gonna end up with all my MM movie dollars too??

    OK! 🙂

  4. Jo

    Yay! That’s wonderful.

  5. Francodude84

    Need it ! Want it !!!

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