Like Glacial Ice…

Things are moving. For the month of October, when I went live, I posted three books. “The Troll Hunter,”  “No Experience Necessary –Teach English Overseas,” and “The Missing Boatman,” which were priced $2.99, $4.99, and .99 as a Halloween special.  I shall now give you the total units per title sold…

The Troll Hunter– One (I just checked and lo and behold! ONE! I’m happy! Thank you whoever you are!)

No Experience Necessary—One.

The Missing Boatman—Seven.

Now,  I’ve been told that my covers may have something to do with this. Not many folks like my covers. I like ‘em, and because my buddy Mark did  ‘em, I like them even more.  I did price “The Missing Boatman at .99” and compared to the others, there was much more interest, but people who gave me feedback mentioned that they did not like the cover (or the title for that matter).  I have to make some decisions.

I’ve contacted a few more indie sites regarding “The Missing Boatman” but still haven’t heard anything regarding reviews. I think a lot of folks are busy. I read somewhere one person blog had a back log of sixty titles. Sixty. I don’t think I’ve read sixty books in the last five years.  If you are interested in the list of ebook reviewers, let me know.

So anyway, nine units for the month of October. Good thing I still have my day job!

Tell you what. I’ll offer  ten PDF units of “The Troll Hunter” on condition that the readers write a review for the ebook once done.  Drop me a line and if you like heroic fantasy, I’ll send a copy to you.

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