Is this on?

Okay. Let’s start this.

Been reading a lot about self publishing. About  the Pros and Cons. It’s interesting. And a little bit frightening in a “first time bungee-jumping” kinda way.

I’ve read about other people doing it…. doing well (if I can believe them–have no reason to not believe them) now I’ll see if I can produce similar results with the time I have to self promote.

I have also read about people not doing so well, and certainly not earning enough to make a living at it.

I believe I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I have a day job. I already have the books (seven to be exact), and ideas for plenty more to make up a career. So I hope I can make a jump, eventually,  into my dream job.

There are publishers interested in some of my work… but I’m still vacillating on whether I should go with a publisher. If offered a contract, I probably will. The first one anyway.

So this is me taking my writing career in my own hands.  After 20 years of trying to break in, and being rejected, I’ve almost turned my back on the publishing world.

Only The Troll Hunter is offered here now. The Missing Boatman is being considered by a publisher. If they don’t like it, it’ll go up here, and later be prepped for sale on Amazon as well. I have a work of non-fiction, a book on EFL ( English as a Foreign Language) aimed at people thinking about heading overseas to teach English,but it won’t be previewed on this site, for obvious reasons. Well, except for this brief mention.

So that’s it for now.

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