And now for all you Nook readers….

Mountain Man is now on B&N. 

As is Safari.

And Hellifax.


You might ask why only now am I selling my wares on B&N? Well, it’s because B&N don’t allow non-US writers to sell their books through their site, so those of us who do have to use a middle man. Before, that middle man was SMASHWORDS. For a cut of my royalties, they would act as the bridge between me and NOOK readers.


However, I soon learned that SMASHWORDS, for all intentional purposes, sucks.  Specifically their customer service. Just recently I’ve learned of a new middle man called Direct 2 Digital, so I’m going to give them a try, at least until B&N allows me to sell my stuff through them direct.


As the week goes on, I plan on uploading the rest of my work through D2D as well. So if you don’t see any fantasy there today, check back at a later date.


So spread the word. My books are now available on B&N, still on KOBO, and always AMAZON. Those are the three official vendors.






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  1. Matt W.

    Hi Kieth, is that D2D site Draft to Digital?

  2. Keith

    Yep. They’re the only way I can sell my stuff on Barnes and Noble.

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