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**So just a quick update.  The site technician has taken a look at the site, made a few corrections, and now believes all is fine. A little more testing wouldn’t be a bad thing.

If you reading this and have the time–drop me a line and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, just to let you know your note was received–and a thank you for taking the time.**





Just a quick note–we’ve done some upgrades to the site which has resulted in a few new problems. Seems like the contact form isn’t sending me my mail, so if you’re one who has dropped me a line since the new site went live, chances are I didn’t get it.

A bunch of email went into my spam folder, and, believing everything was fine, I, um (feet shuffling) deleted it. That was when a certain individual contacted me through an alternative mode of communication and informed me of the ongoing issue (thank you again, certain individual :).  Apologies everyone.

Leaving a comment on a post somewhere is still working fine, however.

I’ll let you know when the contact form is working correctly as soon as we get things straightened out.

Sorry again…


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  1. David Ceccarelli

    When will you publish 131 Days Book 6?

    1. Keith

      Unfortunately, not for a while yet. Book 5 didn’t do so great and it’s hard putting in 3+ months work for so little return. However, if audiosales take off, that will enable me to return to the series sooner rather than later…. but there will be a book 6 eventually.

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