Been a while, hasn’t it?


I’ll try and be brief.


The Pre-Order for 131 Days (Book 4): About the Blood is up and running…




Will be officially released on April 16th, 2019.


Get it at Audible.com OR get it at Amazon…. wherever you make your audio purchases.





Got the cover here and I’ll post it around the same time I finish the first draft. The first draft is currently sitting at around 75K words, which isn’t bad. I guesstimate the thing to be around 100K, which is a decent-sized book.

Been taking a while with this, and all I can say on the matter is… Life stepped in once again, and judo-tossed my ass to the floor. Hard. And that’s all I’ll say on the matter.




The good news…. I’m back at the keyboard (as evident by this) and words are coming out steadily, if not tentatively. I did manage to get in an early edit of the first 60K or so, did a little polishing on those words, and I must say, it don’t look too bad at’all. Course, I’m bias, so keep that in mind if/when you finally do read the thing.


All other stories/ideas and projects have been put on hold now until I can get the new MM5 books out there, but after that, it should be a return to regular programming. Good news is, for those of you interested, I’ve been having a lot of good ideas lately, and every one of them is going into my idea folder, where they all stew until being selected for a WIP (Work in Progress) and then hammered into reality.


And that’s it. Lots of things going on behind the scenes, but… I can’t say anything about any of it. If/When I get the green light, however, I’ll post, and you’ll know.


Until then, thanks, as always, for reading and listening.





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  1. Bob

    Can’t wait for MM5, 180 books in my audible account and this series is by far my favorite I’ve listened to them all several times. Great work!

  2. Brian Vick

    Keith, you rock. We all anxiously await anything you give us. Thank you very much for your hard work!!

  3. Matt Hitz

    You …good sir…are a fine human being. I was getting worried when I hadn’t seen any updates since last year. Thanks for keeping us Blackmorians informed. And thank you so much for working on MM5! Hope whatever has been throwing you curves and slams ends up working in your favor.

    1. Keith

      🙂 No need to worry, but thank you kindly for the sentiments. Work is proceeding these days, and new content should start appearing within a few months. Hopefully 🙂

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