Happy 2011

It’s the end of the month and it’s time to let those who are following know about my sales. I mentioned last week that I’ll probably have to stop this at some point in time, but for now, I think I can tell you my numbers.

First a recap of November Sales: (23 units)

The Troll Hunter–Two.

No Experience Necessary—Four.

The Missing Boatman—Seventeen.

Now December: (29 units)

The Troll Hunter–– Eight

No Experience Necessary—Nine

The Missing Boatman—Nine

Flight of the Cookie Dough Mansion––Three

As you can see, The Missing Boatman dropped off. I’m actually a little glad of that because, as I get into the second edit of this, I see just how much my freelance editor missed (many things learned there, I tell you.) The Boatman will be re-released however, sometime in January I expect. The price will be raised to $2.99, and at that time, I’ll start contacting review sites.

The Troll Hunter numbers are up probably because I lowered the price. I’m expecting a new cover soon, and when I get it, the price will go back to $2.99. Reviews were great this month, and I hope there will be few more in early 2011.

No Experience Necessary is starting to come alive. I have high hopes for this one, and I think it’s starting to fly. The only real advertising I’ve done is on Kindleboards.com, more recently the UK version of Kindleboards, and a forum on Amazon devoted to working overseas and posting job tips.

Flight of the Cookie Dough Mansion is the children’s book I wanted to write, and at .99, it’s still an experiment. One reviewer gave it 3/5 stars because I think she bought it before the product description was posted on Amazon. Regardless, two points she raised were valid ones. The book is 5,000 words––long for a read aimed at (6) 7-8 year olds––and doesn’t have any chapters or illustrations. At this stage, illustrations are not planned unless a publishing house picks up on the book, but I did go back and insert chapters in the story. And I must say, the five chapters that I divided the book into, look pretty good.

So that’s about it. As you can see, after 2.5 months on the job, the numbers are creeping up. I head back to Canada in late Feb, so I’ll have two more months of a regular paycheck, and after that it’s living off of savings (and living with my parents) for six months to a year. I say six months because, by that point, I should have a clearer picture if I can keep writing on for another six months, or find another job. I hope t’gawd not.

So I hope your New Year’s is a fine one.

And don’t listen to the critics. Go see Tron: Legacy.

It’s gobstopping eye candy.

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