Thursday, June 23rd

Was “The Day” that the motor turned over. I got up and switched on my PC, like I always do, and the time was around 7:30 AM, and with coffee in hand, went through checking my sales from the night before, reading the headlines, and essentially hanging out online like I usually do before breakfast. At 10:19 AM, sales for “The Bear That Fell From The Stars” were up by 13… which was enough for me to cock an eyebrow. I usually sell maybe 5 or 6 in the morning, I guess they’re folks on the way to work and such. So seeing  double that perked my curiosity.

By 2PM, sales were up to 54 for the day. Over the last few weeks, I usually sell that many at the end of the day. And Bear was jumping up the charts, there looked to be some interest in some of the other titles too. Troll Hunter had been moving lately, and over the past few days, had sold 12 copies. My new one, Cauldron Gristle, also saw a little bump, selling two.

At 6:34 PM, when I sat down to write this blog entry, a total of 95 books were gone, and knowing that, usually, most of my sales come after 9PM, when folks are getting home and settling in for the evening, I’ll probably have a hard time getting to sleep.

This morning, the total was 179 for all titles.

I’ve kept track of a lot of other writers, and it seems that after 7 or 8 months, things start to pick up. But “Bear” was only three months old, and since its release, has sold  1217 copies. It earned back the money I spent on it, and it was helping earn back the cash on the other books.

In the beginning, some friends and folks allowed me to post promo blurbs on their sites (thank you again––please visit them all in my blog roll). But, other than the weekly posting on Kindleboards, the occasional tweet, and my cousins’, relatives’, and friends’ posts on their facebook pages,there wasn’t much else. I had 6 reviews, mostly positive, and a few other reviews on some other boards… but that was it.

I don’t recommend doing what I did (or, should I say, didn’t do).  Promotion wise, a 7-8 month campaign, especially if you have a better idea (and inclination) to promote yourself and your books on the web, should yield better results faster. But if you don’t, then work on your writing, produce your follow up book, and keep that 7 or 8 month mark in the back of your head.

Maybe something will happen.

Don’t know how long it’ll last, but if you bought a copy of my work, thank you.

And those of you that let me promote my stuff on your sites, drop by with your promo blurbs. I’m not forgettin ye… visitors to the site has also spiked…

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