Mountain Man 5: “Make Me King” Cover Reveal…




MM 5 is with the editor…

And he should get at it around mid-June. Still a long way to go with the editing but maybe a late summer release. Book weighed in at around 108,000 words, but that count could go up or down depending on the editor. Audiobook will follow, but I can’t talk about that since that’s Podium’s ball park. All I can say is, I hope RC is available.

Please share and spread the word. 🙂

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  1. Matt hitz

    Yeeeeeahhhhhh.!!!!! It’s like Christmas is right around the corner! The anticipation..(stumbled breathing)

  2. Jason Davis

    Thank you Keith!!!!!

  3. Jim

    Just getting ready to listen to The Mountain Man Omnibus audio book for the third (fourth?) time and I see this. Awesome! New characters or Gus I love Blackmore’s take on the zombie apocalypse.

  4. Stephen

    What changed your mind? Thought you were done? Happy for MM5! Loved Breeds and 131.

    1. Keith

      Zombie stories kept dribbling through…

  5. Jerrold Hesch

    Can’t wait to hear it in audio book I have lousy site but I have the whole Gus series on audible !! Best zombie books out there hands down !!

  6. Taii Maru

    I just finished book 4 on Audible and seeing that book 5 will eventually be on audible made me very happy. I am currently going through the 131 days series and will start Breeds after that. I really like your style of writing and character development.

    1. Keith

      Thank you Taii–glad you liked the books.

  7. Al Elizondo

    This is the first zombie book/series I’ve ever read or listened to. RC Bray is how I found you. I could fill a tall bookshelf with all the books I have that he’s narrated. I learned that, if he’s done
    It, I’m probably going to like it…I have yet to be wrong about that.
    Anyway, the language has been very course, but, considering the state of the world in the story, what else could anyone expect? Thanks for MM5, that’s really great news. I’ve just started MM4, and I’m hoping Podium has RC scheduled soon for MM5.

  8. William

    Finding out there was going to be a 5th MM book made my year, I have listened to all 4 about 5 times and will do it again as soon as book 5 is available!!!! Love the books Keith and I completely agree I hope R.C. Bray is available!!! Hands down BEST Apocalypse book I have read!

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