Mountain Man 5: “Make Me King” Cover Reveal…




MM 5 is with the editor…

And he should get at it around mid-June. Still a long way to go with the editing but maybe a late summer release. Book weighed in at around 108,000 words, but that count could go up or down depending on the editor. Audiobook will follow, but I can’t talk about that since that’s Podium’s ball park. All I can say is, I hope RC is available.

Please share and spread the word. 🙂

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  1. Yeeeeeahhhhhh.!!!!! It’s like Christmas is right around the corner! The anticipation..(stumbled breathing)

  2. Thank you Keith!!!!!

  3. Just getting ready to listen to The Mountain Man Omnibus audio book for the third (fourth?) time and I see this. Awesome! New characters or Gus I love Blackmore’s take on the zombie apocalypse.

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