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And in case you missed it, the audio edition of Mountain Man 2, SAFARI, goes on sale on the 8th–tomorrow. If you’re interested.









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  1. Leland

    Are you going to write a sequel to Breeds?

    1. Keith

      Yes, a follow-up is planned. The tentative writing schedule for the remainder of 2014 and into 2015 looks like this:

      131 Days Book 4.
      Private Property (or Breeds 2–depending on which one I want to do first).
      131 Days Book 5 (or White Sands Book 2–cuz I’ve put that one off for too long now).
      Private Property or Breeds 2–whichever one wasn’t done earlier.

      You see the pattern. I usually do one genre and then the other.

  2. tina

    I’m asking for my husband Jeff who loves your books !! Will there be a Troll Hunter 2 ? We both read a lot and my hubby is way luckier than I am . I can read lots it depends on my mood . My husband however is serious . Things better make sense and move . If he loves your writing that says a lot !!! So Troll Hunter 2 ?????

    1. Keith

      There is a TH2 planned, somewhere in amongst or after “131 Days” and the planned “White Sands, Red Steel” series. I’m working on book 4 of “131 Days” now, and once that’s done, a horror story is scheduled. Thing is, the horror line is selling better than the fantasy, so every time I finish one book and consider what to do next, I lean towards horror.

      But there is a Troll Hunter sequel planned…

  3. Nicole Whitney

    Thank you for the wonderfully entertaining Mountain Man series. I have to say I cried when Collie died and I LOVE Gus. I can’t wait for the next book! I would love to see this made into movies.

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