New cover: Safari

From the very very very talented Wayne Miller. You like?










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  1. Jonathan

    Yep, I like.

  2. Eric

    The cover is drawn really well, and though I like it I would recommend a few changes on the zombies.
    They are too clean and orderly, like they have been taking care of themselves and making intelligent decisions like having the hood up for warmth. “Far Left Guy” is also dressed a bit too much like Frankenstein to be menacing.
    The clothes should be torn, especially around the sleeves of their ever-reaching arms (and if they were halfway successful zombies, forearms would be caked and stained from their victims blood). The fur of the hood would be matted from fluids, as would the front of their shirts, either with their own decomposition fluids streaming from nose and mouth or victims blood. I don’t believe the woman’s hood could possibly remain up as that requires attention even from the living, and, given the small sample, nix the matching fur trimmed coats.
    Mountain Man was gritty and realistic; your clothing descriptions in there reflect that and thus so should your artwork. Even if the cover is intentionally understated so as not to be gross, just adding in the accurate staining patterns would more closely reflect your writing and still not be offensive.
    Even given all that, I still like it and find it a head and shoulders above most of the other indie publishers zombie book covers. I really enjoyed Mountain Man and am eagerly awaiting this book, though I am going to try your fantasy books in the meantime. Keep up the good work!

  3. melt_core

    When is this coming out? You should consider having some sort of newsletter to warn readers when it becomes available.

    1. Keith

      Good point, but a newsletter is just another diversion that would slow down the real work of getting the next book out. However, I did make note in the “news” section that MM2 was at the editor. From there it could be about a month or so, depending on how much work has to be redone, and then getting it to proofreaders. It’s a long process :O) and I’m hoping for a May release.

  4. Harry Tuttle

    I agree with Eric.

    A little more grunge would jibe with the world you created in Mountain Man.

    Also, the Mountain Man himself looks a bit yuppified and well-dressed, and kind of slim (do I recall correctly that he’s a bit of a chubster in MM?). And the snowmobile is pristine and glistening, where I’d picture him having something beat-up and funky.

    On the whole, though, it works.

    1. Keith

      Thanks Harry and Eric for your thoughts–can’t really change anything now, as that was the final copy I have on display. There is a reason why the snow mobile is in good shape, which is in the story. as for Gus being portly, he was at “The Hospital” juncture, but during the events in MM (which happens six months later) , he has slimmed down considerably.

  5. Eric

    I really like the Gus portion of the cover. I reason that, since he was bunkered up, he had not concentrated on bug out gear much, if at all. So to maximize his chances he would get the best, newest gear he could find for his exodus. If he can’t find military grade clothing with camouflage patterns he’d wear the best available snow gear. It doesn’t do to “dirty up” civilian gear for that purpose as you will just ruin its loft and water repelling characteristics.
    I personally would make camo overclothes out of dirtied up white sheets and whitewash the snowmobile, but that would be out of character for Gus as he has no military training.
    I also really like that they showed his grey hair and didn’t pretty him up.
    Thanks for noticing and commenting on our 2c worth of input!
    Currently half way through White Sands, Red Steel

    1. Keith

      I try to comment when I have time 🙂

  6. SJ Parkinson

    Decent artwork. Nice job!

    I see the Ski-Doo has a helmet on the seat. I guess the post apocalyptic world has masses of undead and one zealous cop with a blank ticket book.

    “Yes Sir, I do see the masses of encroaching undead, but I am still going to give you a citation for operating a motorized vehicle without wearing a helmet. So that will be a $250 fine and three points off your license. If you want to appeal, go see Judge Cartwright. He’s the one legged shambling hulk over there by the pine tree. Y’all drive safe now.”


    1. Keith

      You just gave me an idea…. ;o)

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