Took a while but it’s finally here.  On sale for $8.99 (not including any regional taxes you might incur), for roughly a short novel of about 235 pages or so.




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  1. Matthew Coppins

    Another excellent Mountain Man book! I know you’re feelings on the matter but I still hope you have more Gus stories in you. I’m looking forward to hearing RC Bray read this one!

  2. Paul

    Hi Keith,

    I found your books on Audio books, ive listened to all The Mountain Man books x4,

    and ive just finished book 1 of Breeds. what’s up next re Audio books 2018



  3. Paul


    I am looking for Mountain Man HB 1st edtion signed copy of your Book?

    can’t find any


    Paul Bollands

  4. Christopher

    I used to have a long commute and I must admit I have listened to each of “The Mountain Man” Books at least 6 times or more. I still find time to listen an hour or two here and there and will be finishing my seventh time. All due to the free audio book “The Hospital”. I am DELIGHTED to hear there is another book.


    1. Keith

      Hope you like it…

      1. Jethro Bodine

        Any idea if/when there will be an aubiobook version?

        1. Keith

          Recording in the new year, in January, I think. Just check back on the site here for updates, either the blog or news section.

    2. Jethro Bodine

      I to was introduced to MM by the free audiobook on audible ….R.C.Bray is the perfect narrator for the series

  5. Calvin

    Keith – just wanted to say I was amazed and delighted to see you had written another chapter in the MM story. I tried to sign up to the mailing list at the end of the prequel book, and it no longer is working. Is there another method I can sign up? I only found out you’d written the prequel by sheer luck!

    As other people have said, I too found you originally via ‘The Hospital’ and have been engrossed ever since.

    Thanks for everything,

    1. Keith

      Thank you for taking the chance on the books. Very much appreciated. 🙂

      Link not working? Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I assume it’s the Horror sign-up list. I clicked on what I have here and it did take me to the sign up page–in any case, you can also sign up on my website homepage right in the middle there. Hope those work for you…

  6. Josh

    Any updates on the audio book?

    1. Keith

      Nope–but keep checking. As soon as I get official word I’ll let everyone know. I’m thinking April or early May, but that’s just a guessimate.

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