Editing is nearing completion.

Peter (the editor) is doing his thing, cleaning up a lot of the excess slop plaguing the story, and essentially making me look really good when it comes to grammar.

If you only knew…

There’s still proofreading to be done, so say another month or so for that. looks like the book will weigh in at around 103,000 words or so. In that neighbourhood.

Then a week or so for formatting.

Still on track for a late summer release. but I’ll say early September too, just to cover my ass.

Audiobook is certainly planned, but I can’t say when, as that’s Podium Publishing’s ballpark.


I’ll post updates as I get them. ?

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  1. Chris G

    awesome! When will it be available on Audible? Please can mr RC narrate

    1. Keith

      ūüôā Not sure when it’ll be available on Audio, sorry. I don’t really have anything to do with audio book production (which included narrator selection), I just hand the files over to Podium Publishing when they’re ready. I hope RC is available, but the truth is, it might be a wait as he’s really, really busy. Hopefully, all that works out…

  2. Matt Hitz

    Ide wait longer just to hear Gus/RC’s sweet vocal chords. My daughter is 11 and is always asking if we can listen to Gus in the car. When I told her Make Me King was in the works she squealed a bit.

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