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And for audiobook listeners… sorry, but I don’t have any plans to record the “Isosceles Moon” novellas just yet.


But that could change…







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  1. Rick

    Hi Keith – just finished reading your Isosceles Moon novellas. I enjoyed them quite a bit even though a negative review on amazon almost persuaded me to skip book 2. Glad I didn’t! Just wanted to know if there is a novel in the works to maybe finish the isosceles story?

    Btw the man untainted man series is one of my all time favorites. Keep up the great work!


    1. Rick

      Stupid autocorrect! That should say “ the mountain man series is one of my all time favorites”

    2. Keith

      Hi Rick–Unfortunately, nothing is planned for Isosceles Moon right now. Sales for both novellas were so-so. I wrote the second one just to see if there was any interest in developing the storyline into a series, but IM2 failed to deliver, and I can understand why. In any case, I’m focusing on the fantasy line right now, but maybe when I complete the “131 Days” series, I’ll return to IM, and try for a third installment. Whether that’s a full novel or another novella remains to be seen. Thanks for taking a chance on the books! You made my morning here…

  2. Rick

    Totally understand. I think I’ll go dig through some of your other stuff. I really enjoy your main character development and their perspective. Makes the books excellent reads and keeps me wanting more and more. Best of luck Keith!

  3. Lisa Mc

    Hi Keith. I just finished reading IM one and two back to back and I’m dying over here. Don’t leave us hanging. What happens to Ice he’s hanging on the phone? I’d love to read more.

    1. Keith

      Glad you liked the books Lisa, but I have bad news… there is a follow-up planned but it’s really far out there now on the production schedule. IM just didn’t sell as well as I hoped and so, the third installment will get done, but not for a year or two. The good news is… I *hope* this will be a new series for me, and when I do get around to writing the third story, I’ll finish it and go right into the next one after that. I’m also thinking that I might have to bundle the first three novellas into one volume, as the short novella format fell flat. Sorry again…

      1. Lisa

        Oh I think that’s good news, I’m happy to wait a year or two, it’s better than an absolutely no more to the story 🙂 Thank you for your reply. I’ll be following on Goodreads so I’ll be up to date with releases. Take care.

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