“131 Days: To Thunderous Applause (Book 5)” is NOW ON SALE!


“The stories of the gladiators of Sunja continue in this masterfully crafted novel. Full of action, intrigue, and new plot developments, the latest installment of this fantasy series does not disappoint.” Kristina B., Proofreader, Red Adept Editing




The fighting season continues, with Goll realizing he might have killed one opponent too many. Confronting the wrath of a dead gladiator’s stable, he discovers a much more vengeful force behind a slew of blood matches.
While the gladiators fight within the Pit, Brozz fights for his life in a much different arena.
Escaping an attempt on his life, Borchus finds refuge with an old friend.
Struggling to both recover from his wounds and find a purpose in a little village, Halm of Zhiberia discovers that giving up a pit fighter’s life isn’t quite as it easy seems. Nor is it solely one man’s decision.
And all the while, in the west, a monstrous enemy makes itself known and positions itself to strike at both the games and Sunja’s heart.

This is blood sport at its finest.
At its worst.
At its longest.

131 Days: To Thunderous Applause (Book 5). Contains violence and some language.













Series Order

Book 1: 131 Days
Book 2: House of Pain
Book 3: Spikes and Edges
Book 4: About the Blood
Book 5: To Thunderous Applause


“Torrential rains might prevent the gladiatorial games from continuing for a short time, but the Sunjan summer will not die, and the pounding heat of the Pit will not be quenched for long. In the meantime, death creeps through wet shadows of the city, stalking its prey in darkness. The streets are no safer than the sands, and even outside the city, far away, war is coming for Sunja. Death is coming for the men of the House of Ten on a scale they have not dared to imagine, and death will have what is due. To Thunderous Applause is another fantastic entry in Keith Blackmore’s gladiator series. Good luck trying to put it down.” Kelly R., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing




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  1. R

    Hey Keith,

    I just started re-reading this series and hopped online to see if there was another book. I’m pleased to see that there is!

    One question though… What happened to 131 Days: Ten?? I thought that was book two, but now Amazon lists House of Pain as book 2, and Soikes and Edges as book 3. Yet, my kindle library lists 1-4 as: 131 Days, Ten, House of Pain, Spikes and Edges… Now I’m wondering if I’ve even read About the Blood, which Amazon says is now Book 4.

    What gives?

    A confused fan

    1. Keith

      Ah, the first 131 Days book was a novella of about 20K words. It didn’t really sell, despite the lower price. So, I decided to combine that book with book 2 (“Ten”) for a more indepth intro novel (the current “131 Days” book) of 150K words. So, you’re fine. The series order looks like this:

      Series Order:

      Book 1: 131 Days
      Book 2: House of Pain
      Book 3: Spikes and Edges
      Book 4: About the Blood
      Book 5: To Thunderous Applause

      Not sure how long the series will be, however, but it feels like it should be done in 3-4 books. We’ll see… 🙂

      1. R

        Thanks for clarifying sir!

  2. Loke

    Hi Keith. Is book 5 – TTA available as audiobook anywhere? Listened to first 4 & would love to hear the rest if they are available. Thank you sir!

    1. Keith

      Listened to the first 4? But book 4’s pre-order just when up today…

  3. Bryan

    Will there be anymore to the series than book 5? Thank you,

    1. Keith

      There will be–I hope to get to the next one right after finishing the follow-up to “White Sands, Red Steel,” which I’m working on now…

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