Week Three

For “The Troll Hunter,” I found and contacted seven more indie books sites as well as one not so indie, as per my limiting myself to working on promotions for just an hour a day. Still waiting for replies from some.  Got responses from others (noted below), and it’ll take a couple of months for the reviewers to read the books. Understandable. There is something of a backlog for reviews I think—trying to find reviewers is like trying to find an agent, or so I’m starting to think. And these sites are free,  so I’m starting to read more on what other folks have done. The free book giveaway just might be in store, to generate some further interest. The only trouble is, the only free copies I have are without the cover. I’m not sure if that is something readers would want for their Kindles. Or PC for that matter. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I’m also contemplating doing a blog tour. I found a site called www.authorbuzz.com, and I’m going to investigate it (and some of similar ilk) in the days to come. They say they will “buzz” your book to thousands of readers. They charge, however, so while I probably won’t use these guys this time round, you might consider it—if you are a writer, are self published, and haven’t heard of these guys before, that is.

There is a book trailer coming, and it should be up soon. Once it is, there’ll be a link to youtube. There’s a movie out actually called “The Troll Hunter” and my stomach sunk when I saw the title, for obvious reasons. But I’ve been assured that there is no copyright conflict regarding titles, and since the movie is quite different from my book, maybe  the similar title will hope both of us out…

I can dream can, can’t I?

I’m also promoting the EFL book, (see news section) and that seems to be getting a little more attention, as that particular audience is a little easier for me to approach (it’s my day job). By next week I should have a little more information on how it’s doing.

Other things… I might be changing the book cover. Sales are still sluggish so I have to consider doing it. I’ve actually seen a very nice replacement, so I’ve asked my buddy Mark to see if he has some time to change things. If it translates into sales, he and I will be doing some drinking—on me of course.

Here are two of the sites I visited this time round, where I received replies from…


Next week “The Missing Boatman” should be up. This one is a work of horror (or so I hope people will think so) and it’s the one featured on the site here. Chapter one is posted, so you can get a feel for the book.

One last thing. If you write heroic fantasy fiction, share the same tastes in authors as I do, are published–self or otherwise–contact me regarding a link exchange. It’s a great way to share readers and promotions.

Grim stuff is afoot.

Have a good one…

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