Still Goin’

Sales of both Mountain Man and Safari are going well. MM has tapered downwards to about 40 a day, while Safari brings in between 40 to 60.

I’m happy.

I’m also concerned. I have to squeeze out at least two fantasy sequels in the coming year, and use the funds that the MM series is generating to get them to market. I also have to take my time writing and developing them, as the money coming in just might be needed going into death valley (ie the summer months and early fall when sales drop off). So while I’m fine right now, I have to still be conservative with any profit. I didn’t really do much in the way of promotions, relying on the truest form–word of mouth. If you know someone who might like MM–please let them know or write a review. You’re helping me out.

Still looking into paperbacks. My accountant is supposed to get back to me about just how much in taxes I might have to pay if I go forward with the thing. As it stands now, a royalty for me off a $15 dollar book would be something like $1.70 (making a paperback is expensive). However, Canadian taxes on that sale might be $1.80. So, for every copy I might sell, I’ll lose a dime. LOL a¬† bestseller would put me into the streets! I have no idea what expenses an audiobook might might incur.

Work continues on MM3, about (checks) 51K into it right now. Really don’t know how long it will be, but I’m going to push the release time on this one back to maybe Christmas–just to make sure it’s done right.

I tell you , I need a break from zombie fiction. Zombies everyday is not good for the digestion. Really looking forward to getting back to some heroic fantasy. I do have a MM4 in mind, but that will require a lot of research that, at this time, I’m just not capable of. So that one will go on the back burner. I still want to do a Vampire story as well, but that’s after the next round of fantasy stuff. I also came up with an interesting idea for a story about demons ūüôā so I’ll be checking off all the classic monsters on my list. And I’m going to redo another SF Fantasy story that will probably be novella length.

With the money from MM, I think I’m okay rent-wise for next year, and for that, thank you all very muchly.

If you are looking for new zombie reads after MM–check out Daniel Molles’ “The Remaining” and Stephen Knight’s “The Rising Horde.” I haven’t read either yet, but I expect good things from both. Daniel’s books (Remaining one and the sequel) are in or flirting with top ten status. Daniels’ second book¬† (the Aftermath) in his series is around number 6 now (as of this writing) and “World War Z” is number 12. There are a lot of zombie books in the top 100, which still surprises me as I figured readers of the genre might be getting tired of zombies–apparently not yet. I still think it might be because of “The Walking Dead” and its growing popularity,¬† and readers wanting more of the genre in between TWD episodes/comic books. but that’s just me.

Have a good one…










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  1. melt_core

    Just finished Safari, liked it a lot. I like that you are bringing horror elements back to a genre that was going stale on interpersonal drama and military stuff. Thank you for these great books.

    1. Keith

      Hey thanks for reading. I grew up reading a lot of King and McCammon, so I’m kinda desensitized to what is horrific these days. I wondered if what was in Safari would be creepy enough.

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