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  1. Michael Brodigan

    Hi Keith, hope you’re well?
    Loving the MM5 book, just on the last hour on Audible and it’s epic! Keep ’em coming please.

    Will there be any more 131 days books, love this series too?

    Are Troll hunter and White sands stand alone books? I have downloaded the audio book and will listen to them once the MM5 book is done.

    Congratulation on the continued success, I hope you’re loving the writing as much as we love reading/listening to them.

    take care


    1. Keith

      There will be more 131 books coming, but I’m not sure exactly when. They’re not selling well and it’s hard to put in 3-4 months writing the book only to watch sales ultimately flop. Troll Hunter is a standalone, but a follow-up could be done–I just have too many dangling series out there at the moment to consider doing one. One of those series is White Sands, Red Steel, and the sequel. I think I might do that one before I do another 131, as a warm up (ie returning to fantasy) and just to cap that series off in a place that feels finished (you’ll see).

  2. Adam

    I’m sorry to hear 131 days series isnt selling well. Those are incredible books (my favorite ive read in awhile) and even my 73 year old dad who read lotr when he was a teenager fell in love with the series. Even if you dont finish them I appreciate the storys regardless

    1. Keith

      Thanks Adam…

  3. Ben r

    I really enjoyed the 131 series and hope there will be another.

  4. Travis

    I absolutely loved the 131 series. I’ve completed it and the mountain man series. I can not wait for the next book. Your writing is exceptional and I’m going to keep going through all the rest of your books. Thanks for the great work and the hours upon hours of entertainment. Keep up the great work PLEASE !

    1. Keith

      Thank you Travis :).

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