Mountain Man 5: “MAKE ME KING” is now available for pre-order!

  February 18th, 2020… Pre-order is now live…   Click cover or this line to pre-order on   On the island of Big Tancook, Collie Jones is making plans. She informs the islanders that it’s time to resume her original mission – to find other survivors, screen them, and return them to the island. […]

Ebooks No Longer Available Outside of Amazon

  I’m going to make my whole library exclusive to Amazon for the next 3 months, starting around November 1st.  My books will not be available anywhere else outside of Amazon (with the exception of “The Missing Boatman” which is controlled by Eltanin). I want to see how being exclusive to Amazon compares to three […]

The Majestic 311 is NOW ON SALE!

Only on Amazon.     In the spring of 1903, the 311, known to locals as “The Majestic,” carried over a hundred passengers on board towards a tunnel mouth that would allow the thirteen-car locomotive to pass safely through the underbelly of the Canadian Rockies. The tunnel swallowed the 311 whole, and the train—and everyone […]

“The Majestic 311” is available for Pre-Order

Right here. Just in time for Halloween.     As of right now, only on Amazon.   Pick-up the pre-order for only $2.99.   When the book goes live on October. 13th, the price will go up to $4.99. Two bucks off ain’t bad.   DESCRIPTION:   In the spring of 1903, the 311, known […]

“Make Me King” (Mountain Man Book 5) is NOW ON SALE!

    Click on your marketplace…. AMAZON.    KOBO. BARNES & NOBLE. iBOOKS. PAPERBACK IS NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON! After the apocalypse, the world’s most valuable resource… is the people that remain. And the knowledge and skills they possess. On the island of Big Tancook, Collie Jones is making plans. She informs the islanders that it’s […]

“White Sands, Red Steel” AUDIO BOOK is NOW ON PRE-ORDER!

  At Audible (click on cover).     Goes on Sale August 6th. Mad. Brutal. Unpredictable. And those are their good points. Vicious. Hateful. Foul-mouthed and bad-tempered…He-Dog and Balless are all of these and more, but as mercenaries go, they are not without some merit. After accepting a mission that no one wanted, He-Dog and […]


  Editing is nearing completion. Peter (the editor) is doing his thing, cleaning up a lot of the excess slop plaguing the story, and essentially making me look really good when it comes to grammar. If you only knew… There’s still proofreading to be done, so say another month or so for that. looks like […]