Game on

Well. “The Troll Hunter” went live a few days ago, and I’ve been busy with self promotion. I have something of a “blitz and pray” marketing plan, with each unit sold having a link to my website.  I spend an hour every day, searching and looking at the web, and signing up for ebook sites […]

It’s official

“The Troll Hunter” is now on sale at Amazon for the low price of $2.99 (overseas is 4.99). So now, from here on in, this experiment in self publishing is happening.  I’m going to try and do self-promotion on the net as much as possible, and keep an eye on the sales (if any) for […]

Getting Closer

Okay. So, I’ve been trying to learn the basics here, and pretty much convinced myself that I might be better off leaving it to the professionals. Trouble is… I’m a right stubborn bastahd. I managed to place a link–my first link–to Kate’s website on my blog page here. Trouble happened when I tried to rearrange […]

Is this on?

Okay. Let’s start this. Been reading a lot about self publishing. About  the Pros and Cons. It’s interesting. And a little bit frightening in a “first time bungee-jumping” kinda way. I’ve read about other people doing it…. doing well (if I can believe them–have no reason to not believe them) now I’ll see if I […]

First unofficial post and I’m…

Learning the ropes here. It’s kinda tricky. I’m deleting and posting and hopefully, one of these times, something will stick. Sorta like flinging strands of spaghetti at a tiled wall to see if it’s cooked… 🙂