At one time in my life, I used to be a volunteer radio DJ at my university. Loved it. Used to get so damn nervous before I went on air that I would spend twenty minutes in the can before my show, but once the show was on, I was fine. I played a lot of music and the bestĀ  thing about being a DJ was the access to all of the vinyl records. It was simply wonderful. Old rock, new age, punk, some classical– there was a great selection in the station’s library.

My musical tastes are quite eclectic, but below are links to tunes that caught my attentionĀ  when I was writing my work, and when I think of certain scenes, these tunes always come to mind.


The Troll Hunter

Biffy Clyro– Many of Horror


Creed– One Last Breath





The Missing Boatman

Nine Inch Nails– Hurt



The Bear That Fell From The Stars

Marillion — Assassin



Mountain Man


Sam Roberts Band– I Feel You




Pink Floyd—Dogs of War



Well Fed (Mountain Man #4)

Whitehorse–Devil’s Got a Gun