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  Buy it at Amazon!!   At Kobo!!   At Barnes and Noble!   At iBooks!   Paperback should be on sale within 2-3 weeks.   (Sorry audiobook listeners–no word on when the audiobook version will be ready *but* as soon as I hear something, I’ll post it.)   After a long day of prepping […]

A Little More Information on the upcoming “Mountain Man: Prequel.”

  ––It’s a full length novel of about 77,000 words.   ––It will be released before Christmas.   ––The story takes place two years before MM, and Gus will not be quite the Gus you know…   ––It will be released before Halloween.   ––Scott will not be in the book, nor do I have […]

131 Days Update and Other News…

  131 Days (book 4): About the Blood goes to the editor on October 6th as of now. He’s busy with other projects, resulting in the late date. I’ll be working on book 5 in the meantime. And that other news…     More details soon…            

I’ll be Removing “131 Days” from KU Around the End of August.

    You might ask why? You just put them in the program.   Here’s why, and I’ll let David explain it, cause he does it better: Scammers Break The Kindle Store   Get all that?   I’m removing my three book offering from KU (that’s ‘Kindle Unlimited’, Amazon’s subscription service) not only because of practices […]

Review for “Alien: Covenant” the novelization by Alan Dean Foster

I have a confession to make…   I’m an Alien freak. Can’t tell you how many times I watched Ridley’s Scott’s first “Alien” movie and the chest-bursting James Cameron sequel “Aliens,”  (the extended version rocks, by the way) but it was enough that, for a decade, I could recite whole sections of dialogue from those […]

Some Bad News …

    Did you purchase “131 Days” from Barnes and Noble, iBooks, or Kobo? Or are you considering purchasing the books from one of those vendors?   Sorry, you won’t be able to do so for much longer.   At the end of this month, I’m removing the series from those vendors and placing them […]


    At Amazon. And iBooks. And Kobo. And Barnes and Noble.     And for audiobook listeners… sorry, but I don’t have any plans to record the “Isosceles Moon” novellas just yet.   But that could change…            

BREEDS 3 Audiobook on Sale!

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  And goes on sale May 2nd, 2017.       Pick it up at:   AMAZON.COM     AUDIBLE.COM        

New Cover!

    From         Is that something or what?